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Our Most Viewed Videos in 2011

Bang Boom Crash 2011

2011 was…something.  Nothing major happened…actually nothing at all happened.  Some may know that BangBoomCrash was on the verge of ending.  Due to website hosting costs, conflicting schedules and Mike not wanting to act in the skits, I was left wondering what I was going to do with a project that I held very close to my heart.  Luckily, Shea came into the picture and breathed some new life into the project and we hope to keep it going for as long as we can.

With the end of 2011, I thought I’d write up a post about our most popular videos of 2011.  The numbers depicted below are views from our YouTube hosted videos.  These numbers do not include views on Vimeo or FunnyOrDie.  Here we go…

  1. Guess Who’s Pregnant – 717 views
    I believe this was the most popular only due to people searching for pregnancy videos on YouTube.  I can only assume the people watching the video were severely disappointed.
  2. Headache – 370 views
    Thanks to LaughBattle.com for posting the video twice and thanks to anyone who voted for us when our videos were competing.
  3. Long Trip – 302 views
    Another video which was featured on LaughBattle.com.  Thanks again for everyone who voted.
  4. Paddy’s Pub – 238 views
    Video we did for a contest on FX.  We thought it was funny…FX did not.
  5. Water – 182 views
    Received a surge of  views, comments and likes when super musician and remix martial artist SteffComedy tweeted a link to our video on YouTube.
  6. Introducing Shea – 159 views
    Shea’s first video on BangBoomCrash and I made him get shirtless and pull a gun on me.  It was a good day.
  7. ‘Sno Good – 151 views
    The first video in which Shea thought of the premise of the video…and it was awesome.
  8. Sweet Halloween Costume – 135 views
  9. Fire Alarms – 132 views
    A video idea by Mike and acted out by myself and Dan.  This was the first video Dan and I made.  His beard was epic at the time.
  10. Coming Soon –  131 views

Those were the 10 most viewed videos in 2011.  Watch’em again and be sure to share them.  Hopefully 2012 will be our year and we’ll start gaining more subscribers and fans.   Thanks for all your support, please keep checking back and have an excellent New Year.

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